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Slobodan Mitric (On the Life and Work of Slobodan Mitric – Translation from the Dutch Wikipedia) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Slobodan Radojev Mitric (Bačko Dobro Polje, March 1, 1948) is a former secret agent of Yugoslavia, who from 1973 resides in The Netherlands. Here he is known by his nickname "Karate Bob". Mitric specialized in karate and worked for the Yugoslav secret service. In 1973, he received a liquidation order in Brussels. He refused to carry that out and fled to the Netherlands. On December 25, 1973, he shot and killed three Serbs in the Amsterdam cafe Mostar. The three had the night before shot at Mitric with a submachine-gun. According to Mitric, they had been instructed from Belgrade to liquidate him. He received a triple homicide sentence of 13 years imprisonment, which he served in Scheveningen. Through the Serbian opposition leader Dusan Sedlar, he applied to the CIA. Mitric was released in 1986. Because it was considered plausible that he would be condemned to death in his home country, the judge forbade his expulsion. Mitric lived since then as an undesirable alien in The Netherlands, and wrote plays, including Boj na Kosovu (The Battle of Kosovo). He later claimed that during his detention he was deployed by a group around [Dutch resistance leader] Hans Teengs Gerritsen in a heroin case. Also, that in 1992 he became commander of the [magazine] "Serbian Army” and staff member of the" Military Headquarters of the Free State of Serbia”. Beginning in September, 1992 pamphlets emerged in The Netherlands, which called on the Liberation Army to take revenge on the enemies of Serbia. The Liberal Party Members of [the Dutch] Parliament Wiebenga and Dijkstal asked questions about this to Minister Dales of the Ministry of the Interior. Mitric was married in Amsterdam in March 1992 to the artist Iris de Vries (1942). The ceremony took place on a Monday morning, because then the City of Amsterdam charged no fee. The couple lived in an attic. As of August 1, 1992, Mitric’s social welfare was stopped by the municipality of Amsterdam, because he "resided without the consent of the competent authorities in The Netherlands illegally and therefore can under the Aliens Act be deported." The couple now had to survive from the single social welfare issued to De Vries. Neither could Mitric as an undesirable alien apply for medical insurance and had to rely on free medical care. His wife wrote countless letters to ministers, MP’s, lawyers, professors and editors of the daily newspaper Trouw about their miserable circumstances, but no help was forthcoming. Mitric published several books in Dutch [and English], some were reprinted several times. In Tito's moordmachine, he looks back on his life until 1973 when he left the Yugoslav secret service. His book on karate is primarily a description of concentration exercises and meditation techniques aimed at achieving inner strength. In Netherlands maffia Mitric tried to expose the scandals of the Dutch mafia. De Vries died on January 10, 2006 at the age of 64 and was cremated on January 17. Her social welfare was stopped. Because Mitric as an undesirable alien was not allowed to work and neither entitled to social assistance, he began a legal case to get his status as undesirable alien lifted. In the middle of April 2006, however it became known that Mitric had been ordered to leave the Netherlands before April 26. His attorney H. Saroléa disagreed, believing that the [non-expulsion] verdict from 1986 was still valid and that Mitric was still in danger, because hatred never expires. He also advanced that the minister had forfeited the right of expulsion, because Mitric had been tolerated in the Netherlands for 33 years. Saroléa filed a legal suit. In 2010 Mitric said: "It is not true that I ever was a liquidation agent, but that I've worked as a patriot to combat terrorists and criminals without borders...". By presenting himself as a murderer, he managed, according to his own words, to reveal almost all crimes committed against political emigrants from Yugoslavia. Bibliography • Podzemlje Grada Beograda (1972; The Underworld of the City of Belgrade, not translated; ( • Het grote karateboek van Karate Bob (1981; The Big Karate Book, under the name 'Bob Mitrić'; Dutch translation from the manuscript Velika karate krjiga od Karate Bob) ISBN 9063160615 • Geheim-agent van Tito (1982; Tito’s Secret Agent; translated from the Serbo-Croation: Titov • obavestajac;*N1TuagRpym7pUSWmJcCw) ISBN 9063160917 • Tito's moordmachine (1982; Tito’s Murder Machine; translated into Dutch from the Serbo-Croatian manuscript Titova masina za ubijanje; •*dIVQ1O0NTVpiX14aQ ) ISBN 9070587203 • Bijbel van de man zonder geloof (1984; Bible of the Man Without Faith, Play in four acts; • translated into Dutch from Biblia coveka bez vere; •*fQzirWs0XuwhH2A) ISBN 9070587025 • Nederland's maffia (1985; The Dutch Maffia, not translated) • ISBN 9070587017 • De Slag bij Kosovo (1999; The Battle of Kosovo, Play; Dutch translation of Boj na Kosovu; •!6CEA2A0D596836B2!747.entry) ISBN 9080381128 • Operacija blizanci (1999; Novel in Serbo-Croatian) ISBN 9080381136 • Operation Twins (2005; Translation of Operacija blizanci from 1999) ISBN 907393205X • Operation twins Pre-publication, Part 2 (2006; • De Gouden Tip – De verstrengeling van onder- en bovenwereld en de moord op G. J. Heijn • (2008) ISBN 9789073932111 • The Golden Tip – The Entanglement of the Upper and Underworld and the Murder of Gerrit • Jan Heijn (2009) ISBN 9789073932159 • Confessions of a Disgruntled Spy (2009; • Help! Ze hebben me gekidnapped! Lady Di (2010; Translation from the manuscript “Upomoć! • Kidnapovali su me! Ledi dajana”) ISBN 9789073932197 • Help! They've Kidnapped Me! Lady Di (2010) ISBN 9789073932180 Category: Joegoslav Person
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